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[한] Let's learn about "Haejang-guk", a good Korean food for hangover relief.

Bbue Haejangguk(Bone Haejangguk)

In every country of the world, there will be food to relieve a hangover the next day after drinking. Depending on the culture and customs of a country, there are various food cultures, and everyone has different preferences for food. Of course, there are various foods that are good for hangover relief in Korea. In Korea, food eaten for hangover relief is called "haejang food", and most haejang food is in the form of soup. In other words, the soup-type food eaten to relieve a hangover is called "Haejang-guk".

First, let's learn about the etymology of Haejangguk. Like many Korean words, Haejangguk is much easier to understand if you know the Chinese characters. Haejang-guk is written in Korean as “해장국[Haejang guk]”. If you write "Haejang" in Chinese characters, it is "解酲".

解[hae]=해=solve, realize , 酲[jang or jung]=장(정)=hangover , 解酲[Haejang]=해장=relieve hangover , 국[guk]=In pure Korean, it means soup.

A summary of the etymology is as follows: 해장국[Haejang-guk]=解酲+국=Hangover Soup=Soup eaten to relieve hangover

국[guk=Soup] dishes have a very important place in Korean cuisine, and are a regular menu item that is always served at every meal.So, the food for haejang that Koreans mainly eat is soup-type food. There are many different types of Haejang-guk. Various types of haejang-guk are called by different names depending on the main ingredients for making the soup. For example, if bean sprouts are the main ingredient, it is called "Kong-namul Haejang-guk= Bean Sprouts Haejang-guk". If beef is the main ingredient, it is called “Sogogi Haejang-guk=beef haejang-guk”. Haejangguk made from pork backbone is " Bbue Haejang-guk = Bone Haejang-guk".

Although the main purpose of these various haejangguk is to relieve hangovers, they are often eaten in daily life, even if not necessarily for hangover relief. So, many restaurants in Korea have a main menu based on Haejangguk. There are even a lot of restaurants that specialize in only haejangguk. The characteristic of a restaurant specializing only in haejangguk is that business is very good. Because, Korea is one of the countries with the highest alcohol consumption.The world-famous drinking culture of Korea, the primary, secondary, and tertiary drinking culture, is already well known. In other words, Haejang-guk restaurants have an environment where business can only be done well.

Since there are so many different types of haejangguk, the content is too long to be summarized in one post. So, from time to time, I plan to post a "Haejangguk Series" in more detail about each haejangguk.

The photo used in today's post is "Bbue Haejang-guk = Bone Haejang-guk", but in the next post, I will post about "Bbue Haejang-guk = Bone Haejang-guk" first.

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