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[한: Haejangguk Series 1] Let's learn about "Yangpyeong Haejangguk" among Korean Haejangguk.

Korea haegangguk- "Yangpyeong Haejangguk"

In my last post, I learned about "Haejang-guk", a Korean hangover relieving food.

(Let's learn about "Haejang-guk", a good Korean food for hangover relief.) This time, let's take a look at "Yangpyeong Haejangguk" among many Haejangguk. Because it is the most recently eaten haejang-guk, and it is the most famous haejang-guk in the Seoul area.

Why is it the most famous haejangguk in Seoul? It is closely related to the area where Yangpyeong Haejangguk was first made. "Yangpyeong" is the name of a "gun" belonging to "Gyeonggi-do" near Seoul. Yangpyeong is about an hour's drive from Seoul. Yangpyeong is an area near the "Bukhan River", the northern water system of the Han River, so it has a very beautiful scenery. From a very long time ago, the land was fertile, good for farming, and many cattle were raised. Among them, "Yangpyeong Hanwoo-Korean cow" has been very famous since the Joseon Dynasty. So, since the Joseon Dynasty, soup was made using beef intestines and seonji, and that is the beginning of Yangpyeong Haejangguk.

Many Haejangguk names include the names of ingredients, but Yangpyeong Haejangguk is unique in that the name of the region is included in the name. If we analyze "Yangpyeong Haejangguk" by name composition, it is as follows.

If you write Yangpyeong Haejangguk in Korean, it is written as “양평해장국”.

양평해장국[Yangpyeong Haejangguk]=楊平解酲국=Soup for hangover relief made in Yangpyeong

양평[Yangpyeong]=楊平=Name of "Yangpyeong-gun" belonging to Gyeonggi-do

해장국[Haejangguk]=解酲국=Soup for hangover relief

Korea - Yangpyeong Haejangguk

Yangpyeong Haejangguk does not use beef meat, but cheap beef intestines or blood.In addition to that, add bean sprouts, which are good for hangover relief, and add chili oil and green onions. These recipes are not only inexpensive, but also suit the tastes of Koreans.

It can be seen that the spicy taste that Koreans like and the soup are in harmony. The table usually consists of Yangpyeong Haejangguk and rice, side dishes such as kimchi and kkakdugi, seasoning sauce and pepper. And the most important sauce, "chili oil", is added separately. Many people say that the key to Yangpyeong Haejangguk is "chili oil." It is basically a delicious haejangguk, but the taste changes depending on the amount of red pepper oil. This is because Koreans love spicy food, and the main ingredient that makes Yangpyeong Haejangguk spicy is “chili oil”.

Yangpyeong Haejangguk was initially made in Yangpyeong, but soon spread to Seoul and Gyeonggi-do. And then it spread all over the country. Of course, there are different types of haejangguk that each person likes, but it is clear that Yangpyeong haejangguk is one of the most popular haejangguk in Korea. In particular, it is one of the most popular haejangguk in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do, which are geographically close to the Yangpyeong area.

If you visit Korea and want to eat haejangguk, there will be a Yangpyeong haejangguk restaurant anywhere in Seoul or Gyeonggi-do. In the past, haejang-guk was a favorite of men, but women like it a lot these days. So, don't mind whether you are a man or a woman, and I hope you give it a try. I guarantee you, you won't regret it once you try it. And when eating, if you are not sure how to eat better, be sure to ask the people around you.

It will be even better if you try it the way the locals eat it, and then find your own.

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