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[한] Korea's world-class boy group BTS, what is the real meaning of "BTS"?

BTS;This image is taken from the image provided by the BTS official website.

As everyone knows, the hottest boy group in the world these days is BTS. Many BTS fans around the world already know what BTS stands for. Because finding out what the band name of the group I like means is the beginning of becoming a fan.

So, the meaning of BTS that you have come to know is as follows.

BangTan Scout - BTS member

Bulletproof boys

Beyond The Scene (official company description)

Now, let's approach the meaning a little more deeply. Because BTS is a Korean group, the name contains Korean sentiment. To understand the real meaning of BTS, you need some basic knowledge. It is Korean, Chinese characters, the CEO of the agency, etc.

The Korean full name of BTS is "방탄소년단[BangTan Sonyeondan],防彈少年團". Although 방탄소년단 was written in Korean, the naming method was originally derived from Chinese characters.

방=Bang=防: block, defend

탄=Tan=彈: bullets, shells

방탄(防彈)=BangTan : defend against bullets

소=So=少 : young

년=Nyeon= : year

단=Dan=團 : group, organization, recruitment

소년단(少年團)=Sonyeondan : boy group or boy scout

방탄소년단=BangTan Sonyeondan=Boy group that blocks bullets

"It contains the profound meaning that we will block the hardships, prejudice and oppression that teenagers face in their lives."-official opinion

The official opinion is the same as above, but in fact, the meaning of bts is an abbreviation of the first letter of "BangTan Sonyeondan's" pronunciation in English.

And, in fact, there is a deeper story behind the name. As many fans already know, bts' producer name is "Bang Si-hyuk". He is a very famous producer and composer in Korea.He worked as a producer and composer in the early days of the famous entertainment company "jyp". He left jyp and the new company he created is Big Hit Entertainment. It is the company that made bts debut. He is a man of great pride and self-love. Just by looking at the name of the company he created, "Big Hit Entertainment," you can see his pride.

He made a lot of preparations to launch a world-class boy group, and prepared bts with an investment of more than $5 million. He was also full of pride and love for the bts members, but he is basically a person who loves his abilities more.

Well, now you can just guess. The hidden meaning of BTS is not the bullet-blocking boys, but "the boy group that Bang Si-hyuk created." In Korean, it is written like this: "시혁이 생시킨년단[Bang Si-hyuk eTansaeng sikin Sonyeondan]"

방시혁 =Bang Si-hyuk : name

탄생=誕生=Tansaeng : come into being , 탄생시킨=created

소년단(少年團)=Sonyeondan : boy group or boy scout

In this way, it became bts by taking the first letters of the letters.

Whether in the past or now, in Korea, it is fashionable to shorten the letters of Hangu or to name names by taking only the first letter. If you make a name by shortening the word like that, you can have many connotations in it. The meaning of “the boy band that Bang Si-hyuk was created” is not an official meaning, but there is an inside story floating around like a joke in the industry. This isn't a serious topic, so I hope you'll just accept this opinion as a joke.

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