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[한] Introducing a really cute Korean girl group idol "Yoojung Choi".

Kim Je-deok and Choi Yoo-jung: Choi Yoo-jung's Instagram source
Kim Je-deok and Choi Yoo-jung: Choi Yoo-jung's Instagram source

Kim Je-deok, who won two gold medals in the men's archery category at the Tokyo Olympics, is his favorite idol singer? After receiving the Gold Medal Award, he interviewed that his favorite idol singer was "Choi Yoo-jung" and it became big news.

Kim Je-duk is the youngest player in Korean archery history to win a gold medal. In addition, he is the first Olympic gold medalist in the mixed team event. He is a 17-year-old high school student who has not yet reached adulthood. It became a big issue for him to win two gold medals in archery at the Olympics when he was so young. He truly became a great star who set a record worthy of being recorded in the history of the world Olympics.

However, he is still just a boy. Although he has become a star, there is a girl group idol star he likes more than him. The idol star of a girl group he really, really likes is "Choi Yoo-jung".

So, let's find out who Kim Je-duk's favorite "Choi Yoo-jung" is.

She is a member of Weki Meki, an eight-member girl group under Fantagio, and is in charge of main rapper, main dancer, and sub vocalist. She made her first debut in the entertainment industry as a member of the project girl group I.O.I, finishing 3rd in Mnet's survival program Produce 101. After IOI's activities ended, she returned to her original agency, Fantagio, and made her second debut as a new girl group Weki Meki on August 8, 2017.

The description so far is the official profile for her. The hallmark of this blog is that it doesn't always talk about what's known, but goes deeper. So let's talk a little bit more about her personal side.

It's clear that she's talented enough to finish third in a contest audition. And her looks are attractive enough to be part of a girl group. But what is clear is that her external conditions are clearly not top-class. I'm not prettier enough to be the ace of the team, and I'm not particularly good at singing enough to be the main vocalist. But why is she so popular? It's popular for good reason. That can be found in her personality and social environment. On an audition program, she talked about her gloomy past and her difficult life as a trainee. Her personality itself is so timid and introverted that she wondered if she would fit into a celebrity. However, despite such an internal handicap, she always works hard and actively expresses herself. So, she makes people of the same kind feel a sense of unity, saying, "I am the same as Choi Yoo-jung." So, she became an icon of positivity. Real fans watch Choi Yoo-jung and always support her like her own sister or daughter, and they feel a sense of unity as if her achievement is the achievement of the fans.

Choi Yoo-jung's positive power is expressed in "cuteness". It is the "super cuteness" that Choi Yoo-jung's real fans really like. This cuteness occupies a special place in Korean culture, and being cute means being loved. Choi Yoo-jung's cuteness is not just about her appearance in photos or posters. If you want to feel her real cuteness, you must watch a TV program in which she appeared as a video. Only when you see her voice, language habits, and expressions directly through video can you confirm her true cuteness.

Of course, I think Choi Yoo-jung is a cute girl group idol. But not my favorite idol. Although she is not my favorite girl group idol, it is clear that Choi Yoo-jung is the most loved idol in Korea. For example, my friend's favorite idol is Choi Yoojung. He always emphasizes that Choi Yoo-jung is the cutest child in the world. To him, the only girl group idol is Choi Yoo-jung. As such, she is lovely and extremely cute.

Choi Yoo-jung, who has real fans like my friend, and celebrities like Kim Je-duk, is a really cute idol. That is the conclusion of today's post. Choi Yoo-jung is extremely cute.

So, if you have a chance, I recommend that you check out her songs and TV programs.

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