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[한] Introducing Korea's new type of accommodation "Pension".

Family Pension in Gapyeong, Korea
pension in Gapyung of Korea

In Korea, there is a unique lodging facility called "pension" that is not found in other countries. "pension" is a combination of small cottages and residences.

Koreans love to travel with family, friends and lovers. So, Koreans need special accommodations where they can go and have a good time with their good friends.

It is the "pension" that satisfies such needs. Pensions are mainly located in the countryside outside the city, in the mountains, or on the beach.

According to the needs of those who go with them,The concept of "pension" is diverse.

A romantic concept pension for lovers, Family concept pension for families, Kids Pension for Children, Pets allowed Pet Pension ......There are various types of pensions.

The pension has basic self-catering facilities. And the most enjoyable part of the pension is the BBQ.

If you have a chance to visit Korea, we recommend that you visit a pension near Seoul.

There are many thousands of beautiful pensions in Yangpyeong, Gapyeong, and Cheongpyeong, which are close to Seoul.

If you want to enjoy relaxation with the sea, Ganghwa Island or Incheon, which are close to Seoul, are recommended.

If it's okay to be a little farther away, a pension in Gangwon-do or Jeju-do would be fantastic.

If you need a special experience, the pension at Daecheon Beach, where the Boryeong Mud Festival is held, is also very good.

Accommodation rates at the pension are between $40 and $70 during off-season and weekdays, Over $100 on weekends and high season.

If you visit the pension in spring or autumn, especially in winter, you can get the best experience at a very low cost.

Pension can be one of the most interesting Korean culture during your visit to Korea.

Public pension in Boryeong
Haha Pension , korea

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