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[한] Let's get to know the Gangnam of "Gangnam Style"

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Many people around the world are familiar with the song "Gangnam Style", which was a big hit in the past. That's why many people wonder what Gangnam in "Gangnam Style" means.

Gangnam is the name of a district in Seoul, South Korea.

In Korean, "gang" usually means river. Gang=river.

Seoul is divided into East, West, South, and North based on the Han Gang.

As you will understand now, the Han Gang is the Han River. "Han" usually refers to something very large. So, "Han Gang" means a big river, and the Han Gang flows through the middle of Seoul. That is why the area south of the river is called Gangnam. nam in Gangnam means south. Now to recap, Gangnam means "the region south of the river".

Generally, the area south of the river is called Gangnam, but in a narrower sense, it is also a term for the area called "Gangnam-gu". There are 25 GUs (districts) in Seoul, and Gangnam is one of the wealthiest GUs. Gangnam is the most crowded area in Korea, and it is an area where culture and art are concentrated.

So, it is also an area where the most leading fashion and trend leaders gather.

The hit song "Gangnam Style" comes from this background. Therefore, Gangnam Style is a song with satire and criticism about the affluent environment.

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gangnam street, seoul,Korea

If a foreigner travels to Gangnam, the recommended places to visit are as follows.

First, Gangnam Station: Gangnam Station is the same place as number 1 in Gangnam. It is also where the former headquarters of Samsung Electronics was located. There is nothing special about it, but it is meaningful in that it is the center of Gangnam.

The second is the COEX area in Samseong-dong. It hosts numerous exhibitions and is perhaps home to "Starfield", the largest underground shopping mall in the world.

The third is Seonjeongneung.

Seonjeongneung is the tomb of the kings of the Joseon Dynasty, and provides a peaceful park in the heart of the city.

The last one is Bongeunsa. Bongeunsa is a Buddhist temple. The harmony between the busiest city center and the serene Buddhist temples will give you a unique experience.

There are many very interesting and good places in Gangnam, but it will be even more enjoyable if you discover them yourself.

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